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General Appearance Faulty Outlines Original Purpose: A long, low Desired front and rear angulation scenting dog with short legs bred to is 90 degrees. Steep shoulders & follow a trail through difficult hindquarters are serious faults. terrain. Effortless, deliberate mover Forechest should be prominent. – never clumsy. Proportion and Substance: 2:1 rectangular outline. About twice Straight front as long as tall measured from fore- & rear; lacks chest to point of buttocks. Heavily forechest boned. Chest reaches below elbow. Look for balance and proportion. Straight In addition to the stacked picture, front; lacks side and down and back movement should determine final placements. forechest; good rear Correct Outline, Proportion & Substance Straight rear; good front; saggy topline Too heavy & close to Male ground Too leggy; nd 2 thigh too short Prepared by the 2010 BHCA Judges’ Education Committee Cobby; Female lacks Copyright © 2010 length Some females can weigh 5 to 10 Basset Hound Club of America pounds less than males.
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