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Forequarters Breed Hallmarks Hindquarters Crook’d Forelegs & Wrap-Around Front and Stifles well-let-down Wrap-Around Front Prominent Forechest Rear angles are 90° A dwarf breed with short legs Incorrect fronts Serious faults A B C Wide Correct Narrow Fiddle Correct Cow- Bowed Forelegs are crook’d, heavily boned (wrap- (straight front front & (parallel & hocked rear with wrinkled skin and wrap around around front elbows straight the ribcage to support the heavy front) legs) out down) forequarters (A). The wrap-around structure resembles an egg nesting 90° Angles Front & Rear in a cup (B). Wrists are closer Wide is Incorrect are highly desired but together than the shoulder joints (C). Bassets with straight Paw is well-rounded and massive. front legs are called not often seen. Mismatched Fronts “wide” in front. A wide Upper arm and shoulder blade front is incorrect. The wrap-around front is prone to Prominent Forechest of equal length and shoulder placement is well under dog. being mismatched, setting the stage for unsoundness. Front feet should Prominent forechest is part of a long Angle between the shoulder be matched as shown below left. blade and upper arm is 90°. smooth ribcage and should show clearly A mismatched front should be in front of forelegs. Lack of forechest penalized based on the severity of may be due to a short upper arm. Basset Hound the mismatch. Skeleton Very Matched Slightly Prominent Only No (Correct) mismatched mismatched (Correct) moderate forechest
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