Page 3 - Pocket Guide to the Basset Hound Flipbook
P. 3
Ribcage Correct Down & Back Coming Back Long Movement Look for: and 4’’ Because of the unique wrap- • No paddling, weaving or Smooth around front, down and back overlapping • No single tracking movement is as important as Posterior sternum should ex- side movement. • Prominent forechest with tend about 4” beyond forelegs. good fill Flanged ribs are not penalized Going Away Correct as strongly as movement faults. Look for: Movement • Parallel hind legs (no single tracking) Smooth, powerful, effortless, • Hind feet following in with good reach and drive and line with front feet level topline in motion. • Hocks well bent and Correct Side Movement elbows close to chest Correct Wrap-around & good fill Incorrect Hind legs are Movement faults are similar to parallel those in other breeds. Front feet don’t paddle, weave or overlap. Hind feet follow in line with front feet. Hocks are well bent with no stiffness of Wide Lacks action and are parallel going Less front fill away. Correct movement should be given high priority Correct: Before placing your class, in addition to the stacked Travels close remember the down & back picture. going away as well as the final go-round!
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