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Head Large. Soft, sad expression. SUMMARY JUDGING TIPS Well-domed skull, dark nose, long, The ramp is to be used for Breed, low set, velvety ears. Slightly •2:1 rectangular outline Group & BIS judging of the Basset. sunken dark eyes, pronounced •Smooth, deliberate, effortless dewlap and prominent haw. movement • Do exam quickly & gently! •Good reach and drive; 90° angles front and rear • Don’t pull skin over the •No paddling, weaving, overlapping head or up on the back to •Hind feet follow in line with front feet check wrinkling & looseness •Hocks are parallel going away with no stiffness of action. • Never pick up a Basset •Wrap-around matched front; feet turn to drop its front out slightly • Do not push down on the Above: Correct heads •Heavily boned forelegs with wrinkles •Massive, well-rounded paw hindquarters •Prominent forechest • Never straddle a Basset •90° angle between upper arm and during the exam shoulder blade •Long smooth ribcage; posterior • Don’t wear long ties/scarves sternum about 4” behind forelegs • Don’t make sounds to elicit Broad, Planes not Snipey •Elbows close to chest expression flat skull parallel •Forelegs intersect deepest part • Use the ramp to re-examine of chest; chest reaches below elbow •Large, well-domed head, medium an exhibit! width, deep muzzle, moderate stop, slightly sunken dark eyes, pronoun- Fault Summary ced dewlap, long, low set ears DISQUALIFICATIONS Height over15”; •Temperament is mild – never sharp knuckling over; distinctly long coat. or timid SERIOUS FAULTS Steep front & rear •Any hound color is acceptable; Stop High set, markings are of no importance. angles, fiddle front, elbows out, feet Bulging, too flat round eye flat ears down in pastern. Undershot or Breed Hallmarks: Long, low overshot bite. High set, flat ear. Strictly speaking, with refer- body; prominent forechest; FAULTS Incorrect head, ribcage or topline. ence to judging terminology, heavily boned forelegs with PERMISSIBLE BUT NOT DESIRABLE the Basset is not a head breed. wrinkled skin; wrap-around Liver nose and light eye. Correct angles and movement front; 90 degree front and rear are given higher consideration. angles. To contact the BHCA Judges’ Education Committee, go to Drawings by Guillermo González Reprinted 1.15.15
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